Bespoke Product Times, Information & Shipping

All of our Products are made in the united kingdom on a Bespoke customer order basis we do not hold stock on any of our items and each and every product is printed, Hand stretched, and hand made to your order through our range of Specialised High Quality Production Companies as named below, we only print Chris`s art and photography to our product and we have secured some great deals with the companies we use please feel free to contact the companies by clicking the Links below, to have your own images printed onto there products and let them know where you heard about them "eager beever photo" as you may receive a discount (this is up to each company). 

PhotoBox UK  BagsofLove  Creoglass  Woodprints  TshirtStudio  EasyFrame


we allow 1 day for receiving and implementing your order, 2 - 3 days for our Bespoke companies to make/print and package your order and the rest is up to the delivery Companies, all orders through the Eager Beever Website get express shipping and this usually takes 2-4 days ensuring your product from order to delivery takes no longer than 10 days which we think is fair due to all of our products being Bespoke hand made items, we always insist that our companies use a day after Tracked service for all of our products and we check how the deliveries are doing daily so we can inform you of any delays and keep you up to date of when your chosen product will arrive, please see the delivery time information for all of our products in each of the product information pages.


Worldwide Shipping

We can Ship any of our products worldwide some countries have been excluded due to very high shipping costs and import taxes charged by those countries, we DO NOT include import taxes for your country in the prices shown so please check your government import taxes before you order as some countries do charge a high import tax for larger items, our production companies offer a 7-18 day worldwide delivery for all of our products depending on how far from the UK your country is but all of our products are well packaged and tracked every step of the way and we always keep you in the loop with regular updates and tracking numbers.  

Placing Orders

When you place an order with Eager Beever Photography and Art we will do our upmost to make sure you receive your order as soon as possible and in tip top condition, due to our Companies printing processes we give a 10 day from order to delivery time but you may receive your orders sooner (as is usually the case) we will let you know via email when your order has been taken, processed and shipped, all of our deliveries are made once we check your order for quality and our companies Charge £7 for small orders and £12-£35 for our larger bulkier items and £55 for our largest framed print, canvas, and lightbox orders to any United kingdom Highland and Island Address, we include all UK postage and packaging and vat in all of the prices shown across the website and we offer discounts for orders of more than one product (see the Discounts codes page).


For European and the rest of the world orders can be placed but please check your countries import taxes before you order as these depending on the size and weight of your chosen artwork will come at a higher delivery charge issued by your governments import tax charges.  

Quality printing

The United kingdom Companies that we use to print Chris`s Photography and Art onto our growing list of products are all using the Highest Grade materials that we have carefully selected we make no apology for pricing as we want to make all of our products last and look as good in 50 years as they do when you open the packaging.

All of our Companies use state-of-the-art printing technology: from our canvas premium wall decorations to our Sofa throws and cushions to our Clothing range and the many other customised products that we will be adding to the eager beever website. Our Supplying Companies are HP’s biggest partners and we use their UV-resistant ink which makes your photos shine in brilliant colours and shows Chris`s work off to the best they can be.

Optimal Luxurious materials

When Our Companies print your chosen artwork onto our canvas, cushions, sofa throws Clothing or other products we use only special HP-certified Materials which are superbly well-suited for HP ink. Its especially high proportion of white makes the materials we use perfect for digital printing. We make sure we select the right highest quality materials to produce your perfect piece of art or Bespoke Product and every product that we sell on the website is made to last.

Genuine hand-crafted products

The Companies we use to make our Bespoke products and Clothing produce your Chosen Piece of Artwork in there Eco Friendly Workshops. Depending on the product, it’s either crafted carefully by hand or with modern machinery. Every work of art by Chris is manufactured with care and attention to detail. Our high standards of quality are ensured by a strict system of controls and we regularly make checks to see how our suppliers/printers/manufacturers are making our products.

Eco-friendly production

All of the Inks, Materials we use for our products are Eco friendly and although cost a little more than the more commercial products and materials on the market Chris`s interest and concerns in the natural world has led us to finding companies that support eco friendly production to make our products and we make regular checks with the companies that we use that there Eco friendly Manufacturing is taking place. 

Perfect for the children’s bedroom

HP’s special latex ink means that your Chosen products are completely safe for humans and animals. The solvent-free colours mean that your chosen products are suitable for children and people with allergies. And the odour-free ink is perfectly suited to our companies printing process, so the colours in your chosen bespoke product will be especially rich and brilliant.

Refunds: Due to all of our products being bespoke and made to your order we cannot replace or swap products due to wrong size orders or wrong image or if you just don't like the finished product, refunds will be given for products damaged through transit only and we ask that ALL deliveries/ products are checked for damage on arrival before signing and before the courier leaves, all products are checked before leaving each UK Supplier and packaged really well on our insistence so that your product reaches you in tip top condition, due to the materials used for all of our products please be very careful when unpackaging items so you do not cause damage to your chosen art.

If you do notice damage to your product on arrival please point this out to the delivery driver and ask him to take a picture of the damage it is also wise to take one yourself, report the damage to the courier and also report this to us immediately so we can look into replacing your item or completing a full refund, all goods are to be returned to us before we can issue any refunds but we will issue a refund immediately by direct banking or through our website whichever suits you.   


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