About Eager Beever Photography and art & Christopher Beever

About What We Do: Using Chris`s passion for the great outdoors and for design and everything Art & photography, we use his Huge collection of Watercolour's, Acrylics, Oils, Charcoal, Fine art Pencil drawings, Digital artwork not using apps or instant painting software but with a digital painting board and Photography hoarded by chris for the last 30 years, each piece if needed is HD Scanned transformed into HD images and then saved in Large Format so that we can print to extreme sizes such as our very popular Wall paper murals without losing any of the detail or colour of Chris`s artwork or photography.

Landscape, wildlife, flower, pattern art print wall art, soft furnishings & gifts by UK Artist Christopher Beever

We print Chris's work onto our growing range of Original Bespoke wildlife, Landscape, flower & Nature soft furnishings including small to extra large wildlife canvas prints, flower art canvas prints, landscape canvas prints, wildlife cushions, flower cushions, landscape cushions, pattern cushions, wildlife wall murals, landscape wall murals, flower art wall murals, wildlife sofa throws, landscape sofa throws, flower art sofa throws, bedding, clothing, all products are Hand made and Posted from the UK to your order by our growing list of professional tried and tested Eco Friendly UK Companies. 


This Collection of work by chris will grow quickly as we Professionally scan and add his work to the Online Galleries, so please check regularly for more art and photography as we are adding daily to the website, all of the images on the website are slightly lower resolution to protect Chris`s copyrights, the original piece of art or photography will be sharper and full of detail, the copyright writing bottom right of each demo image is removed during printing process.

Raising Money for UK Armed Forces Veterans: We only charge £1 to use any of Chris's artwork & photography to be printed onto any of the stunning High quality products in the Eager Beever Printing Shop, the £1 keeps the website running and keeps it online, 50% of the profits from the sales in the Eager Beever Printing Shop goes to UK Armed forces veteran charities and worthwhile causes, including taking small groups of ex service men and women out for an activity day or as we call it chill out day, walking, canoeing, wild camping & photography days in the great outdoors in the UK, we also make regular donations of Chris`s finished printed wall art and other products to ex forces charity events & auctions and to the bereaved families of servicemen & women, if you are ex forces and in need of help or you just want to see what's on offer for ex veterans click the link HERE to go to the Wigan Armed Forces hub Website, the northwest's Armed forces hub in Wigan, Greater Manchester provides ex vets with much needed help with social, physical & mental health issues, and provides a place to go and meet up with like minded people from all the armed forces community.

Raising Money for UK & World Wildlife Conservation Projects: We Charge £1 to use any of Chris`s Artwork this goes to the Running of the Website, all other profits from the Eager Beever printing shop are shared Equally between our other Causes and 50% of these profits goes towards Wildlife Conservation Efforts both in the UK & Overseas that Chris is interested in and has had a part in in the past see the links at the bottom of this page and also please see The eager Beever Facebook Page for more information, advertising in this day and age is all about liking and sharing so please feel free to share our page to your friends and family. 

About Chris Beever "The Eager Beever" 

Chris Joined the Regular Armed forces as a young Lad where he served for a number of years until carrying on his Armed Forces career in the territorial army, his service took him to some hardened sometimes desolate locations and as all service men and women do he witnessed the worst and best that the world had to offer including the best and worst of the weather.

Chris learned his self & College taught skills as a photographer and artist through the years and gained high qualifications in his art & Design, chris is also a fully trained Expedition & mountain leader, battlefield medic and very keen survivalist and he has homed in on how to Survive in the great outdoors.

After retiring from the armed forces and the Civil Service Chris used his love of the great outdoors photography and wildlife and ability to survive in all weathers and locations to unwind destress and do what he loves in the wilds of the united kingdom and beyond.

The Eager Beever Has ran, walked, free Climbed, rope climbed all of the Highest Peaks in England Scotland and Wales, Completed all of the Wainwright Walks, Canoed by sea river and lake and walked his way around the united kingdom and has completed many endurance races for both charity and self challenges as he is an eager beever as he says "not a lazy one", and although he now has a disability due to a Free climbing accident and a few other mishaps during his active life he always uses the army way and as he says "you have just got to pick yourself up and crack on", chris now uses his skills as a photographer and artist to gain not only extra funds to make donations to the organisations he believes in but also to give him a sense of purpose.

Chris has had the pleasure of being involved in many conservation projects along the years and has been a constant proud fundraiser, volunteer and employee for the projects he is passionate about and he is a self confessed tree hugger, see some of his achievement's by clicking the links below, profits made through this website go towards taking his serving and ex forces comrades out for a free day away from it all, and to help wildlife by donating to worthwhile causes, you can find out more about his work by searching Chris beever wildlife, Chris beever BBC or Chris beever RSPB or follow the links at the bottom of the page or see his social media accounts on TikTok Instagram & Facebook search for " eagerbeeverphoto or use the links on the bottom of the home page & please leave a like or comment if you visit. 


Chris During his 5 years working with the RSPB saving Photographing Videoing & Protecting Hen Harriers and other Wildlife all over the UK.

we hope you enjoy looking at the art & products available and just by taking an interest in Chris`s work and hopefully finding a product you like you are helping an ex forces veteran and other veterans improve there mental health and well being and also helping some worthwhile UK Wildlife causes so please spread the word, we will be adding more art and photography and products by Chris on a daily basis so please check back to see what we have to offer. 

A Word From Chris " The Eager Beever"

Thank you for looking at my website & art & photography gallery and now shop, i started this website as a way of showing my art & photography as a hobby & business after i left the armed forces and Civil Service and also a means to keep me occupied and to be honest keep my own mental health wellness in check and it has served me well, i am now using it to fund Worthwhile charities both for ex servicemen and women allowing them to have a free fully paid day out in the fresh air and also UK Wildlife charities that need a little extra funding, i do not charge a fortune for my art or products they are fairly priced for all to afford and i believe in every product we sell, i really hope you enjoy browsing through the website and find something that you like, and please feel free to share the links to my collection or website, i am always designing, photographing, drawing and painting as this is my spice of life and it has kept me going through hard times, if you do buy one of my products you can do so with my sincere thanks and the thanks of the people and wildlife you will be helping, please see my Facebook page and Instagram to see what i am up to and the donations that we make, thank you for looking we always welcome photo browsers.   

Some of Chris`s Media Links

“ River Bank Tales The Kingfisher” by Chris Beever BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/lancashire/hi/people_and_places/nature/newsid_8118000/8118307.stm

 “River Bank Tales Walter the Water vole” by Chris Beever BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/lancashire/hi/people_and_places/nature/newsid_8138000/8138776.stm

“River Bank Tales Mute Swans” by Chris Beever BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/lancashire/hi/people_and_places/nature/newsid_8212000/8212446.stm

“River Bank Tales The Mink” by Chris Beever BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/lancashire/hi/people_and_places/nature/newsid_8155000/8155838.stm

 “River Bank Tales Olly the Otter” by Chris Beever BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/lancashire/hi/people_and_places/nature/newsid_8268000/8268613.stm

“ Woodland Tales Frank the Fox” by Chris Beever BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/lancashire/hi/people_and_places/nature/newsid_8314000/8314161.stm

 “Woodland Tales Bill the Badger” by Chris Beever BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/lancashire/hi/people_and_places/nature/newsid_8299000/8299010.stm

 “Out and About with Chris Beever Blackpool zoo” BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/lancashire/hi/people_and_places/nature/newsid_8250000/8250589.stm

 “Out and About with Chris Beever Gisburn Forest Sika Deer ” BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/lancashire/content/articles/2009/02/18/your_stories_sika_deer_feature.shtml

 RSPB Hen Harrier Project Chris beever: https://community.rspb.org.uk/ourwork/skydancer/m/mediagallery/769889


 Art by Chris beever BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/lancashire/hi/people_and_places/arts_and_culture/newsid_8356000/8356316.stm

 The Wiley Weasel by Chris beever BBC : http://www.bbc.co.uk/lancashire/content/articles/2008/11/03/nature_chris_weasel.shtml

 Autumn Watch Roe Deer by Chris beever BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/manchester/content/articles/2008/10/24/autumnwatch_roe_deer_feature.shtml

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